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dc.contributor.authorAgdal, Rita
dc.contributor.authorSpjeldnæs, Ingrid Onarheim
dc.identifier.citationInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2023, 20 4033-?.en_US
dc.description.abstractBackground: Social networking sites (SNS) have emerged as digital settings for youth participation and health promotion. Understanding the complex dynamic of analog/digital participation has become crucial for settings-based health promotion strategies that aim to enable people to increase control over their health and environments. Previous research demonstrates that SNS influence young people’s health in complex ways, but less is known about how processes related to intersectionality are reflected in digital settings. This study asked the following question: how do young women with immigrant backgrounds experience and navigate SNS and how can this inform settings-based health promotion strategies? Methods: The study included three focus groups with 15 women aged 16–26 years and used thematic content analysis. Findings and conclusion: Young women with immigrant backgrounds reported that transnational networks provided a sense of belonging. However, their presence on SNS strengthened negative social control and had consequences for endeavors to connect with local peers in both digital and analog settings. Both challenges and resources were amplified. The participants reported that sharing strategies to navigate complex networks was useful; they emphasized the importance of anonymous chats, they shared health-related information with extended networks with lower e-literacy, and they saw opportunities for the cocreation of health promotion strategies. Keywords: social networking sites; social media; digital health promotion; restrictive parenting; negative social control; settings-based health promotionen_US
dc.rightsNavngivelse 4.0 Internasjonal*
dc.titleDeveloping Public Health Promotion Strategies for Social Networking Sites: Perspectives of Young Immigrant Women in Norwayen_US
dc.typePeer revieweden_US
dc.typeJournal articleen_US
dc.rights.holderCopyright: © 2023 by the authorsen_US
dc.source.journalInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Healthen_US

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Navngivelse 4.0 Internasjonal
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