• Bibliotekets rolle i studentenes læringsarbeid 

      Sætre, Tove Pemmer (Høgskolen i Bergen. Skriftserien Rapport, Report, 2007)
    • Bridging gaps - pedagogical investment 

      Rafste, Elisabeth T; Sætre, Tove Pemmer (Library Review Vol.53 No 2, Journal article, 2004-02)
      This paper has four main parts. In part 1 we look into the broad perspectives pedagogy can give to library and information science. In the following parts we limit the presentation to our main focus for this paper: pedagogy ...
    • Læring for profesjonskompetanse 

      Wilhelmsen, Britt Unni; Hole, Grete Oline; Hove, Synnøve; Jensen, Per Ivar; Aarstad, Jarle; Haugen, Gry Karin; Olsen, Nina Rydland; Sætre, Tove Pemmer; Waage, Jan Fredrik; Bland, Hanna; Wahlquist, Ole Henrik; Fykse, Øystein (Skriftserein, nr.2/2007., Book; Report, 2007-04)
    • Norwegian Policy for Empowering School Libraries 

      Rafste, Elisabeth Tallaksen; Sætre, Tove Pemmer (IFLA Journal Vol 32 No 1, Journal article, 2006)
      The first part of this paper presents a general picture of school libraries in Norway, reviewing statistics, outlining legislation on schools and libraies and highlighting aspects of the national curriculum for primary and ...