• Computer Aided Design of components for energy transfer. Local LNG Station 

      Lisowski, Edward; Czyżycki, Wojciech; Filo, Grzegorz; Łazarczyk, Katarzyna (Skriftserien, no.3/2014, Book, 2014)
    • Instruments of identification of hydraulic components potential failures 

      Fabiś-Domagała, Joanna; Filo, Grzegorz; Momeni, Hassan; Domagala, Mariusz (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      This paper presents an analysis of potential failures of hydraulic components on the example of a hydraulic gear pump with the use of instruments of quality management. The “five why” method was implemented to evaluate ...
    • Matrix Fmea Analysis as a Preventive Method for Quality Design of Hydraulic Components 

      Fabiś-Domagała, Joanna; Momeni, Hassan; Domagala, Mariusz; Filo, Grzegorz (Journal article, 2019)
      Preventive methods are important group of methods used in the process of design and which are known as quality design methods. The aim of these methods is identification of potential failures and cause-and-effect relationships ...
    • Simulations of Safety Vales for Fluid Power Systems 

      Domagala, Mariusz; Momeni, Hassan; Fabiś-Domagała, Joanna; Filo, Grzegorz; Lempa, Paweł (Journal article, 2019)
      Hydraulic power systems are widely used in heavy machinery. Safety of such a systems have a major importance due to the fact that any failure may cause environmental contamination or serious injury. One of the component ...
    • The idea of fuzzy logic usage in a sheet-based FMEA analysis of mechanical systems 

      Filo, Grzegorz; Fabiś-Domagała, Joanna; Domagala, Mariusz; Lisowski, Edward; Momeni, Hassan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      The main purpose of the work which was carried out and is presented in this paper was to examine the possibility of using fuzzy logic inference for conducting a risk analysis with the help of a sheet-based Failure Mode and ...