• Biogeochemical processes in the active layer and permafrost of a High Arctic fjord valley 

      Jones, Eleanor; Hodson, Andrew; Thornton, Steven F.; Redeker, Kelly Robert; Rogers, Jade; Wynn, Peter M.; Dixon, Timothy J.; Bottrell, Simon H.; O’Neill, H. Brendan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Warming of ground is causing microbial decomposition of previously frozen sedimentary organic carbon in Arctic permafrost. However, the heterogeneity of the permafrost landscape and its hydrological processes result in ...
    • Ice-dammed lake drainage evolution at Russell Glacier, west Greenland 

      Carrivick, Jonathan L.; Tweed, Fiona S.; Ng, Felix; Quincey, Duncan J.; Mallalieu, Joseph; Ingeman-Nielsen, Thomas; Mikkelsen, Andreas B.; Palmer, S.J.; Yde, Jacob Clement; Homer, Rachel; Russell, A.J.; Hubbard, A. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
    • Modelling conductive heat flow between steep rock walls and talus slopes–thermal processes and geomorphological implications 

      Myhra, Kristin Sæterdal; Westermann, Sebastian; Etzelmüller, Bernd (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      The thermal regime in steep and snow-free rock slopes is crucial for understanding rock slope stability, frost weathering and the associated material production in steep mountain areas. In this study, we model heat flow ...
    • Reconciling Svalbard Glacier Mass Balance 

      Schuler, Thomas Vikhamar; Kohler, Jack; Elagina, Nelly; Hagen, Jon Ove Methlie; Hodson, Andrew; Jania, Jacek A.; Kääb, Andreas Max; Luks, Bartłomiej; Małecki, Jakub; Moholdt, Geir; Pohjola, Veijo A.; Sobota, Ireneusz; Van Pelt, Ward J. J. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Since the first estimates of Svalbard-wide glacier mass balance were made in the early 2000s, there has been great progress in remote sensing and modeling of mass balance, existing field records have been extended, field ...
    • Seasonal Dynamics of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Evasion From an Open System Pingo: Lagoon Pingo, Svalbard 

      Hodson, Andrew J.; Nowak, Aga; Redeker, KR; Holmlund, Erik S.; Christiansen, Hanne H; Turchyn, Alexandra V. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      The processes associated with the release of CH4 and CO2 from sub-permafrost groundwaters are considered through a year-long monitoring investigation at a terrestrial seepage site in West Spitsbergen. The site is an open ...
    • Spatial and temporal dynamics of dissolved organic carbon, chlorophyll, nutrients, and trace metals in maritime Antarctic snow and snowmelt 

      Nowak, Aga; Hodson, Andrew J.; Turchyn, Alexandra V. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Despite scientific interest in the investigation of biogeochemical changes in meltwaters of the Antarctic Peninsula, we still lack an understanding of the seasonal dynamics and release of dissolved and particulate carbon, ...
    • Weathering Dynamics Under Contrasting Greenland Ice Sheet Catchments 

      Urra, Alexandra; Wadham, Jemma L.; Hawkings, Jon R.; Telling, Jon; Hatton, Jade E.; Yde, Jacob C.; Hasholt, Bent; van As, Dirk; Bhatia, Maya P.; Nienow, Peter W. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      Chemical weathering dynamics in Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) catchments are largely unknown, due to a scarcity of field data. This paper presents the most comprehensive study to date of chemical weathering rates from four ...